Let the sparks fly

CBS News

Condemned Ohio Killer Asks Parole Board for Mercy:

That song that was made about 20 years ago “The Coward of the County” seems to fit this lily-liveried killer to a “T”.

spa48-year-old Frederick Treesh who is a killer, thief, sexual sadist, carjacker and a few other expletives has a date coming up he doesn’t want to keep in about a month with  “Sparky”.

He is being put to death for the killing of 58-year-old Henry Dupree during a robbery in Eastlake on Aug. 27, 1994. That is only one killing they know of.

It appears now that “Henry the Hood” appointment to meet Satin is getting closer he is copping a plea with the authorities to see if he can make that commitment another time; like in about 50 years.

Hank should be given the same amount of consideration he has given to all of his victims.

A little friendly advice for Hank to try and help him get through this ordeal:

Hank; when the guy with the hood over his head is starting to pull the switch, close your eyes and take a deep breath and hold it for about 12 minutes. If you smell something out of the ordinary, like it is coming from an incinerator; it will be “Sparky” doing its job. It smells like burning flesh and hair in case you are wondering.



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