Get out the masrhmallows

CBS News

China sentences two men convicted of aiding Tibetan self-immolations:


Talk about a “true believer” or was this guy a solid nut case. That has to hurt.

A Chinese court sentenced Lorang Konchok, 40, to death and gave his nephew Lorang Tsering, 31, a 10-year prison sentence, for their roles in encouraging eight people to self-immolate (set themselves on fire) last year, three of whom died from their burns. The guy in the picture was one of the ginnie pigs.

I know there are some very desperate and feeble-minded people in this world that can be coaxed or persuaded into doing some outrageous things but to be talked into setting themselves on fire is a real stretch. How about just hitting yourself in the thumb with a hammer?

Personally I rather stand in front of the Chinese restaurant that the prime minister goes to everyday for lunch with a picket sign to display my opposition. “To each his own”.

These are the same type of people that are convinced by their “spiritual leaders” to strap on 30 pounds of TNT, go into a school or market place and pull the rip cord.

At least the pyromaniac is only harming them-self.

It is uncanny that we never see the top dogs/honcho’s blowing themselves up or setting themselves on fire; they always have a stand-in for that day’s activities.

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