Who me? Never!

Hillary Clinton’s new 2016 answer?

hillary“The lie I have been telling for the last few years is about this big”!

If I were a betting man, I would venture to say that back in 2008 Bill Clinton only backed Obama for the long-term payoff.


It was as clear as the lies Clinton told about Lewinsky that he hated Obama and didn’t want to support him for the presidency. Obama may have never got over the hump with out Bill Clinton and he knows it.

Obama shared the same sentiments about Bill and did not want Hillary as his running mate from vice president. Obama was fearful that Bill Clinton had too much of an influence on his wife and would be a threat and distraction in his presidency.

So here is how the deal was struck.

Obama: “If you support me in the 2008 election and I win I will appoint Hillary to the Secretary of State”. “If I by some fluke chance I win again in 2012, Hillary can step aside gracefully and I will support her for president in 2016”.

Clinton:“I made a commitment to myself many years ago never to trust a politician but if you swear to it on that Muslim Koran you carry under that suit jacket of yours; you got a deal”.

cryUnless something very drastic happens between now and then that is the way the next election is going down.

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