Don’t go where you don’t belong

CBS News

Sarai Sierra: New York Woman Missing in Turkey Took Several Side Trips Before She Disappeared:

sariaSarai Sierra, the New York mother who disappeared in Turkey while on a solo trip, took several side excursions out of the country, but stayed in contact with her family the entire time, a family friend told ABC News.

Sarai was supposed to take the trip with a female friend but at the last minute her friend backed out and she decided to go it alone. That was a very bad decision.

It is reported by the Turkish media that police were trying to establish why Sierra visited Amsterdam and Munich. Police were also trying to establish the identity of a man Sierra, 33, was chatting with on the Internet, according to local media.

There are some very kind and gentle people in this world that live in a little bubble and all they see when they look out their window are the colors like in a kaleidoscope.  Sorry friends that is not reality and not the way it is.

Times have changed and we now live in a very brutal society. The sooner some people realize that fact the sooner they will eliminate situations like this. Read the news.

I would conclude that this lady didn’t use good judgment taking a trip overseas by herself. There are vast number of areas in the USA where a solo woman is not safe let alone in Turkey that would be considered a border line country as far as safety for a single woman goes.

Beside the fact that Sarai is a woman, she also happens to be an Americans that are not the most popular people on the planet these days. It should not be a secret to anyone that in some foreign countries the grossly hated Americans stick out like a sore thumb and have a target on their back.

I know that we live in a politically correct society and women are very touchy about their liberty and rights and who  can blame them but I think her husband should have insisted she not make the trip by herself.

I wish Sarai and her family good luck but based on statistics and the facts of life, it doesn’t look very good for the American lady. There are some very sadistic, sick people out there.

There are enough problems a person encounters in this world during their normal activities let alone looking for a problem. I have always maintained; if a person wants to have a little safety net in their life “don’t go where you don’t belong”.

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