Mega Dummies


A NYC apartment for $95 million, with $60K in monthly fees:

I’ll take three of them!

apMoney is money and there are a large number of people that are super rich but to pay 95,000,000,000.00 for an apartment and 60,000.00 a month for fees; isn’t that a little excessive?

The apartment is part of the hotel, so the fees include twice-daily maid service, spa services and other ultra-plush amenities. Isn’t that dandy. Those little luxuries help to stop the bleeding I guess.

Everything in life is relative. Example:  Just like the super rich sports figures that are making 30,000,000.00 a year plus. Can you really blame them for accepting that money or is the fault of the mega rich team owners that pay these outrageous salaries. Is it the fault of the landlords that sell these apartments for the extreme prices or is it the fault of the mega dummy that buys them??

The old adage must apply here “if you have to ask the price, you don’t belong here”.

Hey rich guy; go outside your building into the streets and help someone that needs a handout instead of being so selfish and self-centered. Throw a crumb to the little guy.

I made a very astute observation many years ago. “The more money someone has the cheaper they are” but only when it applies to other guy.

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