Learn by example

They are a lot smarter than we are:

This is a fascinating video that was sent to me by my son that everyone should see.


catIt is totally amazing that these two creatures who are totally different from one another in every-way can get along with each other and play the way they do.

It would be phenomenal if their two legged, the supposed more intelligent human counterparts were half as smart as these animals are.

The cat nor the dolphins seem to care that the other one looks different or has a different skin color than they do; they just respect one another and want to be friends.

How simple is that???

Wake up all of you dummies/rebel rousers in this world that are too self-centered and egotistical and begin respecting the people around you. You don’t have to like them; “JUST RESPECT THEM” and maybe they will respect you.

Take a lesson from some of our four legged animals and creatures of the sea. They will make you a better person.

The way the world is evolving these days we have to wonder who the animal is?

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