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31 dead in Egyptian riots after soccer fans sentenced to death:

Talk about sore losers!

The toll in the fierce clashes in the Egyptian city of Port Said following pronouncement of death sentence to 21 football fans climbed to 31 today, authorities said, as the Presidency condemned the violence and called for a national dialogue.

Condemning the clashes that also left over 300 people injured yesterday, the Presidency called for a national dialogue in the wake of the ongoing unrest.

Chaos broke out soon after a court yesterday handed down the death penalty to 21 fans of Port Said club Al-Masry over the killing of 74 people in post-match violence last February following a game with Cairo side Al-Ahly.

Let’s put this into prospective. Yesterday 31 people a were killed and 300 were injured after a football game, when it was announced that 21 of the people that were involved in the deaths of 74 people at another football game last February were going to get the death sentence.

It is my understanding that this entire chaotic event took place after a few bad calls on the field.  I wonder what they do in “the land of the sand” to the player that misses a free kick?

Is it possible that they have all of this on instant replay?  I guess that roughing the passer in Egypt is no big deal.

Well; that certainly is a way to thin down the population in that over populated country.

socI hope none of these dudes bought tickets to the Super Bowl for next Sunday.

Just in case lads; keep your guard up. Pay particular attention to the guys with the machetes’ and the red eyeballs.

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