Malfunctioning monsters

FAA Opens Review of Boeing 787 Dreamliner:

airIt appears that the “Boeing Dreamliner” is turning into a nightmare for the airline giant.

The gigantic airplane has had multiple problems in recent times and is proof that bigger isn’t always better.

“I believe this plane is safe,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood said at a news conference announcing the move. Mr. La Hood said he would be confident about flying on a 787.

It has not been substantiated whether Mr. La Hood has flown on the airliner or not.

I guess the fact that an unattended airplane that was parked at the gate and catches on fire for no apparent reason does not qualify as being something that the transportation secretary deems “nothing to be concerned with” or that another jet suffered a cracked cockpit window and an oil leak. OKKKKKKKKKKKKK

The move comes on top of a separate probe by U.S. safety investigators into a battery fire which caused “serious damage” to an empty Japan Airlines 787 jet at Boston airport on Monday. Nothing to be concerned with Mr. La Hood???

The price tag for these defective jets is $207 million a pop.

It never ceases to amaze me; when there are “big bucks” at risk, there never seems to be a concern with the upper echelon. I wonder if they would send their wife and kids on a trip on these malfunctioning monsters. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

The old story about the car manufacturer that was put on notice by one of their most trusted people that there was a severe problem with their cars catching on fire in an accidents. By that time there had been a dozen accidents where people were severely injured or died.

The heads of the company sat down and got their calculators out (then they were called adding machines), “If it costs us 20 million to settle these law suits and we can make 40 million without correcting the problem, we are 20 million ahead”.  That tells the sad tale of big corporations.

I’ll take the old 737 any day and get there in one piece.


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