You’ve come a long way Baby

vLike the old cigarette commercial used to say “You’ve come a long way Baby” but I say not all in positive direction.

Before our country came “into its own” if you will; it used to be that the men were the culprits, the scoundrels and the bad guys of society.

Now that we have a greater parity between the sexes, the ladies that didn’t want a back seat in their life are coming to the forefront as the villains. They are seeking equal pay for equal crime.

Since the women have been exposed to some of the same elements and stresses in life as the men have through the years due to the liberation thing, in some cases they have become demonstrative in venting their anger and exposing their dark sides.

So what is the end result in the equality roles? Women have become more and more devious and violent as their male counterparts.

Back in the old days we would hear of some nutty broad that went off the deep end and fed her old man rat poison for about a month until the bloke crooked on his oatmeal but in our more modern society the frequency of crime by female has increased exponentially.

New York woman accused in alleged Newtown charity scam:

Case # 1

This women who we will give her the recognition she deserves by dubbing her “The Bitch from the Bronx” Nouel Alba is accused of using her Facebook account to solicit money from those wanting to donate to victims’ families of Sandy storm claiming that the money was to be used for a funeral fund. Very cold women! This type of person revels in others miseries.

Nouel is like a guy I saw once that helped a blind person across a busy downtown street and then picked his pocket before they got to the other side.

Woman accused of murder as a hate crime in NYC subway push death:

Nut case # 2:

In today’s line up Erika Menendez is charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime when she pushed a man onto the tracks of a subway causing his death.

I still maintain that a lot of these crimes are “copy-cat” crimes. The 31-year-old Bronx woman has been charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime in the death of a man shoved in front of a subway train.

With the advent of this new crime trend of people being pushed onto the tracks, I will bet that there are not too many people that take the sub-way who want to be the first ones on the train and stand back a little further from the yellow line than they did before.

Case # 3:

jIs an old story that deserves a little press. Jean Harris who goes back in time as one of the pioneers of female crime for the killing of her lover Dr. Herman Tarnower of the ‘Scarsdale Diet’.

As the story goes, Doc Herman was cheating on his wife with Harris but when the good doctor’s affections strayed in another direction toward a younger mistress, Harris got really pissed off and sent the “Diet Doctor” to the weight loss program in the sky by putting a couple of blasting caps in his gut.
The old broad that lived to be 89 years old died yesterday. She served 17 years in jail for offing the doc.

If my memory serves me; Harris got a lot of sympathy from the press and the ladies around the world that thought she was justified by killing Tranower. It can be that they had similar experiences and wished they would have killed their “jilter” like she did.

Case # 4

Mom Seeks Police Help Finding Woman in Suspected Cancer Scam:

What we have here is a heartless woman that has no conscious that seems to get self-gratification by extending false hope to people in desperate situations.






This poor guy Thomas Doty, 20, of Washington State died on Dec. 19 after a three-year battle with bone cancer. Adding to the despair of the family, some unknown women promised the family that she was going to help them in their hour of need by sending them a check for $250,000 to help them with their time of crisis.

A woman claiming to be a nurse in Indiana promised $250,000 to send Thomas to San Diego, pay for experimental cancer treatments, and help the family save their house after the expense of caring for their son.

This devious dame sent flowers, email messages, text messages and other communications promising her help which never arrived as promised.

Hopefully the authorities can track her down through some of her messages.

So in conclusion ladies, if you are qualified and want to drive a dump truck or run a backhoe, fine. If your desires is to be the CEO of a company, great. If your husband was president of the United States and you are so inclined to follow suit, good; by all means go for it. The country can’t be worse off than it is today.


When I think of women in politics I always think of Margret Thatcher and Golda Meir; what great contributions they made in this world.  They were two very capable and tough ladies that did a tremendous job while in office.

mRemember, by all means “look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man and work like a boss” but when it comes to misbehaving leave the crime the guys; it is not very flattering

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