Viva La France

French Court Rejects 75% Tax Rate:


PARIS—France’s top constitutional authority on Saturday threw out a government plan to impose a top income-tax rate of 75% on high-wealth individuals as part of next year’s austerity budget aimed at reining in bloated budget deficits.

Let us hope that the USA has a constitutional authority hiding somewhere like the French do that will intervene if our politician’s want to impose some of the outrageous tax hikes they are talking about.

If the working people in our country did not have to support the people that do not want to work because the government is making it so easy for them not to work, who are on some sort of government subsidies; according to some polls 47%; there would not be any need for any tax increases.

An article I read on the Internet this morning stated that there are 11 states that have more unemployed people then employed. Sooner or later the well is going to run dry and it is not far off.

 Instead of creating jobs as this administration has pontificated on for over 4 years now where the working people will be paying their taxes instead of getting a free ride; our country would not be in the fix it is in.

Maybe there should be a law passed to take Obama’s airplanes away so he can stay home and attempt to do what he has promised so many times and has fell short.

 The United States politicians are notorious for their blunders. If they don’t come to their senses and it doesn’t seem they will; the biggest blunder ever will be cutting the military budget. What do they think that has kept us safe all these years?

Maybe we should import a few Frenchmen for the next four years to sit on the “I don’t know what I am doing committee” to help these guys out. They can sure use it.

Always be careful of what you wish for; you may get it.

C’est la façon dont il est

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