It’s is almost 2013 India – respect your women

As Victim of Gang Rape Dies, 6 Men Face Murder Charges:

The press calls these guys “men”; I call them sub-human beings!

rapeI don’t know what means they use in India for their death penalty but I hope is the “an eye for an eye” method.

The same steel rod that these 6 sub-humans used to rape, assault and kill this poor innocent girl should be used on them in the same fashion it was used on her.

The woman, whose intestines were removed because of injuries caused by a metal rod used during the rape, has not been identified. She was flown to Singapore on Wednesday night after undergoing three abdominal operations at a local hospital. She had also suffered a major brain injury, cardiac arrest and infections of the lungs and abdomen. “She was courageous in fighting for her life for so long against the odds, but the trauma to her body was too severe for her to overcome,” Dr. Loh’s statement said.

Women in India continue to face discrimination and other social challenges and are often victims of abuse and violent crime. India is the one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women.

These people are so regressive that in Mumbai, India’s largest city there had to be a law passed recently called the “Right to Pee”. Women, but not men, have to pay to urinate in Mumbai in public places, despite regulations against this practice. Women have also been sexually assaulted while urinating in fields.

Despite the fact that this will be 2013 in a couple of days, the mentality of some of these archaic men in India certainly have a lot to be desired.

Even though it is against the law, the practice of “female infanticides and sex selective abortions”  are some of the methods that the Indian people use to decide whether or not the women will have the baby depending on what sex is revealed in an ultra-sound. In many cases, if the exam indicates the unborn child is a female the child is aborted.

It is not uncommon for family members to throw acid in the face of a sister/daughter that they felt got out of line, by talking to a man or suspecting they dishonored the family in anyway or to the extreme end; even murdered them for literally doing nothing that is accepted by the rest of the world as normal.

sonsIt is about time that these men in India come out of their caves and begin to realize that if it was not for the women in this world, these miserable excuses for human-beings would not be here.

With all of the money the governments of the world piss away on foolishness, I would think that it is about time that they begin to concentrate on keeping the women of the world safe by any means necessary.

Unfortunately; there is only one language some degenerate people on this planet understand, violence with violence! The more severe they suffering in death is, it just may serve as an example for the rest of the malefactors that declare themselves enforcers of Indian Justice to think about the crime before they commit it.

These ladies/girls have to be heard.

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