This is what it has come to? Very sad

Sales of bulletproof backpacks, kids’ body armor by Utah Company soar 500 percent following Connecticut shootings:

Is this a very sad commentary to see what life in the United States of America has evolved to; kids needing bullet proof backpacks? I can’t say I blame the parents for trying to protect their kids, I would do the same.

It is a very complicated and complex problem we are facing and unless the examples and discipline starts at home there is never going to be a solution.

On the flip side of the coin; the judicial system has to quit sitting on their hands and make things happen when the situations arise. There is some speculation that Connecticut shooters mother was in the process of getting him institutionalized and that may be the reason him went off the deep end?

Let us all hope that we have seen the last of these devastating events but I doubt it.

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