Time for change is NOW!!

Time for a change is long over-due:

Based on the tragic events in Connecticut in the last few days and other such recent devastating occurrences, (Portland, Ore – Chardon, Oh) which all of America and the world has witnessed; it is now time to take off the kid gloves and pass some legislation to control and detain these menaces to society by locking them up before they can commit the crimes.

In hard times we have to impose hard measures. We cannot be persuaded by what the ACLU wants and all of the other bleeding hearts in this country. What about the rights of all those people and their families that have been killed in the last few weeks?

There has to be legislation drawn up by our government that will permit these potential criminals to be detain or incarceration if necessary as threats to society based on physiological evaluation by a panel of impartial, highly competent parties.
If a person is suspected of being a threat to society because of their actions, associations, communications, activities (texting / email / diaries) or any other indicators that would make them suspicious; it should be the right of the authorities to detain that person until the time they are deemed safe for to let back into society.

The kids in school that are privy to these abnormal activities by their classmates should not hesitate to inform authorities of such irrational actions. It has been a long standing observation that these criminals have given off signs long before their impending misdeeds, that could have been prevented if the law allowed them to be arrested. As it stands now; a person can only be arrested after the fact. That is not called crime prevention.

Letting these type of people to be free to execute their demented desires is like locking up an alcoholic in a liquor store over-night. What do you think they are going to do??

This is the one and only answer to controlling these horrendous crimes that have been plaguing our country.

If strong measures are not enacted immediately, this is just a prelude to what is going to happen in the future.

As I have alluded to many times before; while these despicable act are being perpetrated there are hundreds of sick people out there that want to “better” the one before them. They want the attention and notoriety that goes along with these crimes.

Gun control is not the answer. If all of the law abiding citizens of this country gave up their fire arms tomorrow, the bandits would have a field-day. We would all be at the mercy of every criminal out there.

One thing that would make a huge difference. Ban all sales of military type weapons. AKA 57’s and the like. As it stands; if a ban was put into effect tomorrow it would take decades to rid the streets of all of them that are already out there.

Now is the time to start. I would rather have the ACLU and the rest of the na-sayers pissed off by invoking the law that I am proposing than to have a repeat of this type of unspeakable crime happen again.

If one incident can be avoided by action such as this it would be worth the effort.

What would the people that would be opposed to a law of this nature say if one of the victims were their child or grandchild?

Wake up Washington. This is not a partisan issue, it is an issue for all of the citizens of the USA especially to protect the kids in our country.

It is not something that should be debated for years, it is an issue that need immediate attention.

I am going to send this blog to President Obama and my congressman and senator to see if they have the intuition or initiative to take the steps in the right direction to help prevent horror stories like this from happening again.

One other enormous help would be for Hollywood and all of the other influential media in our country; quit making this miserable horror movies and violent videos. They serve no purpose but to infuriate some nut cases out there that are broader line physocs.

The time is now, not tomorrow or next week!!! Help save our kids and grandchildren from disasters like this from happening again.

Pass this on to everyone you know and ask them to send it to their representatives in Washington.

Let hope the leaders of the United States can say that they did something positive for its citizens and future generations and it didn’t take five years.


This was sent to me by a dear friend. America we have a lot to be proud of.

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