It ain’t science fiction anymore

Chemicals in furniture hard to avoid:

One of the new studies, led by UC Berkeley and Duke University scientists, found toxic or untested flame retardants in most of the couches they examined from across the nation. The other study also found that hazardous and potentially hazardous chemicals in dust from couches and other products pervaded 13 of 16 homes tested in Northern California. Both studies turned up substances that, when inhaled or ingested, are linked to cancer, changes in DNA, hormone disruption, lowered IQ, decreased fertility, hyperactivity and other serious health issues.

Where is safe anymore? According to this article we are taking our lives in our hands sitting a a couch watching TV. Before long we are going to have to climb into a zip-lock baggie and pull the zipper up.

Deadly ‘superbugs’ invade U.S. health care facilities:

Now we have an unwelcome visitor in the medical community that has been around awhile but is just now garnering some attention because of its resistance to any known drugs. There is no cure for this infectious bacteria.

A new family of antibiotic-resistant bacteria known as CRE or Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae, is raising concerns across the medical community because of its ability to cause infections that defy even the strongest antibiotics. The antibiotic resistance is spread by mobile pieces of DNA that can move between different species of bacteria, creating new, drug-defying bugs.

No one has been able to determine where the infectious bug originated or how they got into the patients systems and most importantly how to kill it. .

The drug companies do not want to invest their money to fund a cure because it would cost them too much and if they did find the cure it would be used as a short term usage and not an ongoing medication to keep their coffers flied. It is always about the money.

In my opinion; if the scientific community and the medical community do not want to get their feet wet to try to save humanity because of the extreme cost to fund such a cure; this is where the government or governments around the world should put their heads together and finance something as critical as this. Instead of wasting money on wars we should be searching for cures that have the potential to over take humanity at some point.

There are some estimates out there that the campaign for the 2012 presidency cost a combine total of 5.8 billion dollars. Would it be feasible that some of those donating bandits put their money together with some of the government’s funding to find a cure for CRE?

If CRE or another drug defiant infections are not nipped in the bud in hospitals around the world and at this point they haven’t been, the future in the hospitals will resemble some science fiction movie with infectious bugs dragging infected people down the hall and into a closet, then chewing them up.

This may sound very insignificant to some people but every time I see some idiot walk out of a rest-room without washing their hand it makes my stomach turn. This scenario may not be the origin of diseases like CRE but the dummies that are not washing their hands are certainly contributing to the health problems we have in this world.

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