Give it a rest dude

MSNBC Anchor Touré makes shameful attack on McCain:

A nun told me in grade school told me, “empty barrels always make the loudest noises”.

In Touré’s black-and-white world, McCain is a “bitter” failed candidate who has no right to dare question potential Secretary of State candidate Susan Rice because she is a “much younger black woman.” He also claimed McCain was on a “witch-hunt” and “tarring” Rice, another unsubtle code word.

It is small minded prejudice people, black and white  like Touré Neblett the African-American MSNBC host that keep racism alive and burning.

A while back Toure’ dropped his last name because he is either ashamed of it or wants to be hip like some of the other one named celebs. He probably has flash backs of when he was in the school yard and the kids were yell “Hey Nebby, Hey Nebby, go get the ball that we just hit on the roof, come on Nebby”.

It seems to me that there are a couple of noteworthy black  people that continually bring up the race card every time they get a chance and for the most part it is the black people that are doing very well for themselves.

Can anyone really say that John Mc Cain is a racist because he is questioning the creditability of Susan Rice?

Racism is something that is going exist until there is only one race  on this earth through inter-racial “hook up’s”. Racism is something that persists on both sides of the racial isles that can be eliminated if mankind would permit it to go away. What keeps the fires stoked with hatred are people, black and white like Nebby that won’t give it a rest.

It can be that people like Toure’ want to keep the race flames burning to keep pissing off his people so he can substantiate his job.

“You don’t have to like me and I don’t have to like you, but if you respect me and I will respect you”.

Folks it is that easy. That is the answer to world peace. Just ask Aretha Franklin.

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