When you thought you heard it all

Ill. man gets life term for killing wife, kids:

When you thought you heard it all; up jumps another loathsome low life that should have never been born who tops just about every wrong a man can do. What should be more precious to a man but his wife and kids.

The sentencing of Christopher Vaughn, 37, came two months after jurors found him guilty of killing his 34-year-old wife Kimberly and their children on June 14, 2007. Each child was shot once in the chest and head while buckled in the back seat.

The way this bastard executed his kids means that they had to be looking directly into his eyes when he pulled the trigger.

I hope when this piece of garbage gets to the cross bar hotel he has a welcoming committee waiting with baseball bats.

It is a shame that the USA does not believe in an “eye for an eye”.

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