To be or not to be – that is the question

As far as I am concerned; it’s gotten to the point where I don’t trust any of the politicians and their motives for what they do.

When I look at this picture I wonder if Obama would be out there hugging this women if the cameras weren’t on him?

What a shame that the citizens of a country have to be so skeptical about their politician’s motives for what they do.

It is common knowledge that all of the politicians go to what is equivalent to acting school before they go on the circuit to make sure that they come off the right way with their speeches, expressions and mannerisms.

I would be much more impressed with a person that is behaving normally when they present themselves and their platforms to the public than with someone that has gone to acting school to deceive the public. If this were the case we would know up front what we are voting for and not find out 3.5 years later they were just putting on a performance.

It is not just Obama that comes off that way but he is the person that in most recent times has told some very inconsistent stories and to me is the person that should be trusted the least.

So every time I see one of these Shakespearian protégés in action I can’t help but wonder if they are doing it for the sake of the camera or if they genuinely mean what they are doing??

Would the running back do his dance in the end-zone if the cameras were not on him? I doubt it.

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