The kettle calling the pot black

Biden, Clinton decry new Romney ad:

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Pushing back hard at a new ad by political opponents, Vice President Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton accused the Mitt Romney campaign Monday of saying “absolutely anything to win” and engaging in an attack on President Obama’s auto industry record that is “the biggest load of bull in the world.”

Here we have a perfect case of the kettle calling the pot black.

Talk about bullshit; if bullshit was electricity Joe “The Mouth” Biden could power all of the houses that Super Storm Sandy knocked out of commission.

You have to give the guy an “A” for effort. He has some very big goolunies and a great gift of gab; a few essential requirements that are very critical in politics. Whether we can believe anything he says is another story.

It is getting down to the wire. Hopefully the smart, informed voters in this country will elect the right person. What we don’t need are anymore empty promises.

If Obama does get elected again and we continue down the same path we have for the last four years,  that gigantic error in judgement will absolutely ruin this country.

Hopefully the conspiracy theory that is circulating has no merit. I would not make any wager that it doesn’t. Accusations like that are very serious and should not be publicized unless they are absolutely, 100% substantiated.

I was taught from a very young age; a person can be judged by the company they keep or  have kept”. Look at the facts folks.

More to follow.

I said a lot of prayers for the people that have fallen victim to Sandy’s wrath. Pass it on.

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