Because he is black; naturally!


Sununu’s comment insults black Americans:

Roland Martin says the Romney surrogate’s suggestion that Colin Powell backs Obama because of race childishly implies that blacks don’t critically evaluate candidates.

The average person would assume that most reporters were pretty sharp people but I guess it takes all kinds.

Let’s make it cut and dry. If everyone, not only the black people would evaluate what Obama has done and hasn’t done in the last 4 years in office there is no way he should get more than 2 votes. One from himself and the other from his wife.

If Mr. Martin thinks that most of the people that vote for Obama aren’t doing it because he is black; he better go back and find out where he lost his common sense. He sure doesn’t have any street sense.

Example: Actor Samuel L. Jackson has made it clear that he backs Obama because he’s black, and he doesn’t give a damn what any white person thinks.

I don’t blame Jackson for voting for Obama because he is of the same race, the only problem I have with Sammy is that his statement is a slap in the face to all of “whitey’s” that have supported him through the years including me and he should not bite the hand that has feed him so well.

That is one of the major complaints I have with some of the clebs. They think they can say and do what whatever they want when they want to do it. Because some of them have attained some fame and fortune through the entertainment industry all of a sudden they are expert in every field.

If it weren’t for all of the honkies in this world Jackson would still be performing in some back street alley and would have never attained the popularity and the status that he has.

One of the major differences between the white people and the black is; most of the black people stick together and support one another while most of the white people are intimidated by the blacks and by their actions don’t want to be labeled as prejudice. That is the direct opposite in the black community. Many of the black people demonstrate their disdain for the white people and don’t care who knows it.

The cold hard facts are that most of the black people are much more prejudice then the white people are. Somewhere down the line the word “prejudice” has been attached to the white population only. That is absolutely not the case.

The only time that I see where racism is not going to be an issue in this world is; with all of the integration between nationalities and races some day everyone is going to be one color; that is if this civilization doesn’t self-destruct in the meantime.

Personally I don’t care what color or race or religious belief the leaders of this country are; what I do care about is that it is their obligation to do their best while in office to protect and serve our country and have the interest of its citizens in the forefront instead of their own personal agendas. That is not the case today.

Shooting from the hip

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