Live by the mortar; die by the mortar

North Korean army minister reportedly executed for drinking during mourning period:

Talk about some tough rules and regulations! I would like to see some of the child molesters, drug pusher and murders we have in the USA get sent over to North Korea for their trials. I can guarantee you that the crime rate in our country would drop dramatically if they knew they were going to the land of “dried up rice” for some Far East justice.

A North Korean army minister was reportedly executed with a mortar round for allegedly drinking and carousing during the official mourning period following leader Kim Jong-il’s death. Our Irish population would have a tough time with those rules.


Not only did the DPRK sentence one of their top military officials to death for having a few drinks and chasing some  broads around, they executed him with a mortar shell.

I guess the old saying in North Korea is  “if you live by the mortar and die by the mortar” . At least there was nothing left of the guy to bury. They were able to save a few won; being that their country can barley afford to feed their people.

Kim Chol, the vice minister of the army, was taken into custody shortly after the “Big Kahuna” died and he was caught parting.

He was given a fair trial according to N. Korea’s standards and sentenced to death.

Kim was not put in death row for 20 years and given unlimited appeals. He didn’t live in an air-conditioned cell with a library and a weight room next door.

No one can convince me otherwise; if the criminals in this country were given the same treatment as Kim; it wouldn’t take too long before they caught on how to play by the rules. Would the crime rate stop completely? No but I am sure that crimes would be dramatically reduced.

The North Korean government just gave a new meaning to “bums away”!

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