Christian or not Christian; that is the question

Obama Mocks & Attacks Jesus Christ And The Bible / Video / Obama Is Not A Christian:

A person has to be very careful of the remarks they make when they are in politics; they may come back to haunt them.

Back in 2006 when Obama was still a senator he made the statement below, probably not knowing that someday he would be president and running for a second term.

Cut and paste the following:

It is perfectly acceptable for a person to have their own views on different subjects but with topics as sensitive as religion should be dealt with in a more private manner.

I have never seen a person change their mind on so many different issues as I have seen Obama do in such a short amount of time. Most life situations should be pretty cut and dry; it is either a yes or a no. You have to keep a close watch on those Maybe People.

I hope that all of the Christians that are still sitting on the fence with their decision on who to vote for read this and view the video then make their X accordingly.

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