Tell four lies to get out of one

Fox News

Obama Pays Price for Backpedaling on Libya Attack:

Obama Pays Price for Backpedaling on Libya Attack:

US Denied Access to Libya Suspect:

VIDEO: Clinton Vows, ‘We Will Find Out What Happened’ in Libya:

Three headlines and three black eyes for the Obama administration and that is just todays news.

I don’t have any idea what the big secret is concerning the Libya bombings and the killing of Americans except the person or persons that are covering it up are attempting to hide the truth.

Shouldn’t the public that pays these high priced politicians salaries have the right to know what is going on in their government or is everything except the weather considered “executive privilege”?

I was very impressed nearly two years ago when Obama was getting his feet wet and made a statement to his cabinet on TV; “We “the  government” work for the American people”. That tune changed very quickly as soon as the power and the ego set in.

In the past year alone there have been several very severe incidents that occurred which were swept under the rug by Obama and his crew. Libya for one – the gun running to Mexico secondly and a host of others.

I thought that I heard the word “transparency” come out of the pres’s mouth on many occasions but I guess that just applies to what suits him and his crew at that particular time.

I don’t think that any good American would want Obama or any other politician to put the government in harms-way by divulging or making public top secret information but I think they should be more forthcoming with their information that way the good citizens of this country would be-able to see just how screwed up the government really is.

There is one thing that has been a mystery to me for years. Maybe I can’t see the forest because of the trees???

When there is bad news all of the policymakers run for cover go hide under a bush somewhere hoping not to be seen and hope it will all go away. When there is good news they fall over each-other trying to stick their noses into the camera to suck up the credits.

There are only a few more days until the election. By that time I hope a lot of the bleeding heart liberals in our great country will come to their senses.

If Obama does get elected again; how is he going to explain the conditions of the country in 2016? Is he still going to be blaming Bush?

Four years of Obamaism is enough.

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