He is getting exactly what he wants “ATTENTION”

Ahmadinejad tells U.N. that Iran is threatened:

You have to “give the devil their due”! You may not like the guy because his is not a very likable person but he is one very intelligent and shrewd character.

He is getting exactly the reaction from the world that he wants; attention.

If you ever listened to an interview with Ahmadinejad you have witnessed the master of double talking, deception and outwitting the interviewer. He always answers a question with another question or evades the issue. That is an art in itself.

Who really knows if Iran is developing weapons of mass destruction? If I had to guess I would say they are. If that is the case and the worlds powers to be are positively certain that Iran will use them; they have no other alternative but to go in and blow up their production facilities.

We have the technology to read a license plate from 200 miles up and see through walls but we can’t tell if someone is manufacturing a bomb? I don’t believe it.

I am not suggesting that the USA does this on our own; that is why we have that “JOKE” United Nations in place to handle these types of situations.

Don’t do it for Israel, hey can handle their own problems. It has to be done for the security of the entire world.

You have to hand it to the guy that never wears a neck tie and never shaves; he is one smooth operator.
This entire scenario can be compared to a high stake poker game. Eventually you have to call the other guys hand or get out of the game.


“Jy het ‘n groot versameling van die bal buddy”


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