You would have to be there

Two Marines to face court martial over desecration of Taliban bodies:

(CNN) — Two staff sergeants will be court-martialed for their involvement in an incident that included U.S. Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters and posing for photographs with the corpses, the Marine Corps announced Monday.

Come on; give these Marines a break. All they did was piss on a couple of guys that were trying to blow their heads off a few minutes before. What is the problem with that? Maybe if they defecated on them it may change things slightly.

I wonder what type of disciplinary actions were taken against the Taliban that hung our servicemen from a bridge, drug them behind a vehicle and then beheaded them?

Take the bleeding hearts out of this war and have them go hug a tree somewhere.

You would have to put yourself into the same combat conditions these guys are in day after day to appreciate what they are going through. The only thing piss is is processed water.

This is war guys, unless you haven’t noticed?

Put the Marines on restriction for 2 days and let them go on their way. These uncalled for actions are taken against our servicemen by our government to appease the enemy. What a shame!

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