Dummy of the year

New York City man mauled by tiger in Bronx Zoo charged with trespassing:

David Villalobos liked to think of himself as “Be love and fearless”; according his posting on his Facebook page. There is one description of himself he forgot to add to his self-admiration’s list; “STUPID”.

This idiot jumped from the top of a train that toured around the Bronx Zoo directly into a tigers cage that house 4 – 400 pound Bengal Tigers. Now look at the Tigers and look at The Dummy; who is more likely to win the fight?  Here kitty kitty kitty.

I bet he was not smiling when that tiger had him by the back of the neck and dragging him around like a wet rag.

I usually feel sorry for people that are in a car accident and the cop gives them a ticket after the injury they suffered figuring that was punishment enough but this bozzo deserves whatever the magistrate throws at him when he goes to court this coming week.

When contacted by the news media David’s attorney had no comment. Why does every dummy on the planet that does something stupid need an attorney?

It could be that wacky David read too many David and Goliath stories.

Maybe Davey should have brought a few small rocks and a sling-shot on his adventure.

One thing for sure; no one can say he is a chicken just a jack-ass.

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