Keep rubbing salt in the wounds

Cut and paste this commercial and listen closely to it.

Tell me there is not racism in this country. The president of the USA is at the forefront of the pack perpetuating it. He will stoop to any level to get votes; even if it means going back in time and to continually remind the black people of how bad they had it. That is part of history and everyone in this country knows and remembers the very grim facts. He is doing this to infuriate his people so the will vote for him instead of “Whitey” and for no other reason.  That is real dirty pool.

I bet that Obama’s white mother is very proud of her son that has turned his back on his half-white heritage. In all of the times I have heard Obama speak I have never heard him once mention the cold hard truth that he is half white. If I had to speculate; I would say that he is ashamed of it.

Why do some black people “signify” the way they do and the white people don’t? The majority of the white people are afraid of black people and are reluctant to voice their opinions.  What should good for one nationality/race should be good for all races. Isn’t the USA founded on equality for all?

I can just see the uproar from the black community if a white person made a commercial like this. This guy is supposed to be bringing the communities together instead of pulling them apart.

Listen closely to his venomous speech in his melodious tone of voice. “the REAL challenges we face right now” – “change this country” – “this is a deciding moment we have to decide what kind of country we want to be” – “a shrinking number of people do very well” – “everybody plays by the same rules” – “greater together than we can ever be on our own”.

The real challenges we face right now”. People regardless of race color or creed have to understand that there are no free lunches. There are a number of well-respected black leader that consistently have been after their people to get an education and work hard if they want to succeed. In many cases it seems to fall on deaf ears or a group of people try to discredit the person giving them good advice. There have been a large number of very successful black people in the business world; ask them how they got there; through education and hard work.

“Change this country”. Countries, societies and civilizations have been changed by example not by stirring the pot and continually reminding people of what happened in the past. Great Leaders are supposed to be visionaries not pessimists and detractors.

“This is the moment we have to decide what kind of country we want to be”. What kind of country is the USA but the land of opportunity for anyone that wants to put their nose to the grindstone and work hard.

I contend that all of the entitlements in this country have enabled and created a gigantic community of people that do not want to work; that will continue in these roles as long as the government keeps doling out the money and will continue using “the system” to its max; not to mention the fact that these entitlements are driving the country into the poor house and our permissive government is too ignorant to tapper it down.  There are genuine cases out there that need help but the vast majority of the recipients are people that are using the system.

I will never forget the woman that was interviewed on TV years ago when there was a housing shortage and some people were put up in hotels to get them off the street. A reporter asked a lady what she thought of staying in a hotel. Her beautiful response was “room service is too slow”.

“ A shrinking number of people do very well”. These are the people that get up at 0500, go to work, work very hard to try and make their lives and their families lives a little better and pay their taxes. Why should these hardworking people have to share their hard earned money with a bunch of free loaders? This is the wrong message Mr. Prez.

Obama should not try to discredit the wealthy. First of all he and his family fit very well into the wealthy category; secondly he is bad rapping a lot of the wealthy people that are blindly supporting his campaign. He has done very well for himself in the free-enterprise system and now is throwing stones at it.

I wonder if Obama is willing to go into his coffers and give 90% of his money to the people that don’t want to work?

“Give a person some fish and they will eat for a week; give them a fishing rod and they will eat for life”.

“Everybody plays by the same rules”. I was just touching on that subject minutes ago. “What is good for one nationality or race should be good for all”. Respect me and I will respect you.

“Greater together than we can ever be on our own”. Instead of calling for all Americans to pull together Obama is singling out the black community. Does Obama enjoy pissing off his half/race people or is he just looking for votes?

It seems to me that as president of the USA  has not seen the big picture. He is supposed to be representing the entire populations of all races and nationalities in the USA not just the black people. Should the white race and all of the other races take offense to this commercial? You bet they should.

He mentions “African America” month? Why isn’t there Italian American month – Polish American month – Jewish American month or White American month? Each and every nationality or race has contributed greatly to the success of the USA. Let us recognize everyone.

This person that got elected in 2008 seems to forget the fact that the white people he is snubbing are the same people that put him in the White House 4 years ago. Ask Oprah what loyalty got her.

I wonder if all of the lost sheep in La La Land see through this facade he is putting on. He has no more use for them than Popeye had for Sluggo. It is what they have in their vault that matters to him.

Like the commercial says “What’s in your wallet”?

If the black leaders ever want to see racial harmony and by some of their actions I doubt it; they have to quit bringing up the past and quit rubbing salt in the wounds. The only thing they are doing is rekindling the fires of the past and that is very non-productive.

No one on this earth is responsible for what their father or grandfather did in the past. We have to judge people by what they do today not 250 years ago.

I am not saying that the entire world should forget what the black people went through in the past, it should be remembered; what I am saying is “Yesterday was yesterday and today is today”.  Lets move forward not backward.

You don’t have to like me and I don’t have to like you. You respect me and I will respect you. That is the one and only answer to peace in this world that I doubt it will ever come. There are too many selfish people out there constantly stirring the pot of hatred for their own ulterior motives.

If I didn’t know better, I would think that this commercial was made to piss a lot of people off instead for informational purposes??? You be the judge.


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