Who can tell the biggest lie??

Today’s political headlines

ObamaCare Penalty to Hit 6 Million
Romney Vows to Repeal ObamaCare
Jobless Claims Fall to 382,000
Obama Leads in 3 Battleground States
Pawlenty Resigns From Romney Campaign Role to Lobby
Romney: I’m for ‘the 100 Percent’


Focus on Florida as campaign rolls on
Opinion: Romney, we pay plenty
Romney is asked: You’re not Latino?
47% remark: Mistake or truth?
Poll: Voters react to Romney tapes
Opinion: Real conservatives apologize
Ticker: Comedian doesn’t ‘hate’ Romney
Old Obama video featured in GOP ad

My head is swimming with all of the trumped up rhetoric on both sides if the garbage dump. A person does not what they should believe. I heard of fabricating, story-telling, exaggerating, pontificating and plain old bull-shitting in my life but these guys running for the presidency takes the cake.

If bullshit was nitro these two political adversaries would have enough explosives to blow up half of the world.

It has been proven by his lack of productivity and accomplishments that Obama got into the White House for 4 reasons only. Oprah, George Bush and Cheney and his exceptional gift of gab (but only when the teleprompter is running).

On one TV channel we hear from the Obama camp that Obama created 4.5 million jobs since the fabricated  his way into the oval office. I flip the channel and hear that he really only created 300,000 jobs from the other side.

I don’t know for sure but there has to be a “Bull shitting” school out there that is mandatory that politicians have to enroll in and get their degree order to qualify to run for office. It is totally amazing that these people know they are lying but they can keep a straight face and lie without blinking an eye.

Romney is too foolish not to check if the microphone is on after a speech and gets his tongue caught in the wringer.

One of Romney’s henchmen Pawlenty resigns from the Romney Campaign in order to go into a lobbying role. There is a lot more chagoodia in that line of work or the kitchen must be getting too hot for the lad.

Obama’s health care plan is the best thing since the wonder bras but it cost Medicare 7.6 billion dollars to pull off the disaster that seems very few people want.

One thing that I would like to put to rest is this Obama issue of his citizenship. Recently I saw where another “expert” claims that the paper it is written on it not old enough to be legitimate. That would really put the icing on the cake.

I am sure that there are millions of other people like myself out there that are sick and tired of all of the lies and backstabbing. To top it off the commercials on TV are running every three minutes. I can’t even tell if Vanna White has a new dress or if Pat Sajak has a new wig.

It seems for a while that Romney was getting an edge on Obama but the tides have turned the other way. It may still be a close race but I think Obama is going to get reelected. There are too many people out there that think he did a good job. Personally I think they all have blinders on.

At the end of the day in November; after the votes are counted, the loser that clearly hates the winner will walk over, put his arms around the winner and wish him good luck. Who hypocritical is that?



Doctors have an oath they take called the Hippocratic oath. The politicians should have one especially drafted for them called the Hypocrite’s oath.


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