A sign of desperation

Billy should be ashamed of himself:

I’ve seen Bill Clinton on TV lately “coping a plea” for Obama, a person that he clearly hates because of their past relationships. He probably has a good case. You can’t cut down someones wife and expect the person to forget it.

The true measure of a person’s character and integrity is sticking to their convictions despite adversity.

Brit Hume: Obama’s “distress call” to Bill Clinton:

Seeing as how President Obama’s economic strategies have most definitely not worked, the Democrats are bringing out former President Bill Clinton for a prime-time speaking slot at their national convention — presumably so he can tout his “Hey, I’m a Democrat and we had balanced budgets and a robust economy during my tenure, ergo I have authority on the economy issue and I’m for Obama!” credentials.

I know Bill; it’s for the party. This is what we want to see; desperation!!

What more do I have to say.

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