“The buck should stop here”

Fox News

Obama: Romney locked into ‘extreme positions’ on economic, social issues:

Look at the kettle calling the pot black.


An expression that is said when one accuses another person of that which they are equally guilty of.

Many years ago, people used to cook over an open flame using copper kettles and iron pots. The copper kettles were usually polished after every use whereas the iron pots were not and remained blackened from the soot from previous cookings. Well someone got the idea that if the iron pot were alive and it looked at a nearby copper kettle, it would see a black image. The iron pot believes it sees the image of the copper kettle when in reality, because the copper kettle was polished, what the iron pot was seeing was a reflection of itself. This symbolic phrase became associated with hypocrisy. An accuser blames someone else for having a fault when the accuser has the same fault.

President Barack Obama said Mitt Romney has locked himself into “extreme positions” on economic and social issues.

Has Obama taken a good look at most of the economic, military and social issues he has initiated/locked into or has been dragged his feet on?

In his interview Obama also offered a “glimpse” of how he would govern in a second term of divided government, insisting “rosily” that the forces of the election would help break Washington’s stalemate.

Why not in the first term?

He said “he would be willing to make a range of compromises with Republicans”, “confident there are some who would rather make deals than remain part of “one of the least productive Congresses in American history.”

Just like most other politician; they always blame it on the other guys.

Why all of a sudden is Obama ready to make compromises with the other side? Because the election is around the corner? He should have started that three years ago.

I am not blaming Obama totally for the conditions of the country but I am saying he deserves at least 75% of the blame.

I have said this many time; the politicians in DC remind me of a bunch of kindergarten kids at recess arguing over who’s turn it is to have the ball; when they get it they don’t know what to do with it.  Can’t they put the politics behind them and do what is best for the country instead of what is good for their party? This is supposed to be what they were elected for, to represent the people, not for their own egotistical achievements.

That is one of the biggest anchors we have in USA politics; there are so many factions involved it is really difficult to pinpoint exactly who is at fault. I blame all of them. There is absolutely no accountability.

Quoting “The Show Me State” president, “The buck stops here”. This is something Obama has to wake up and realize.

It is too bad we can dig up Harry and give him a few more terms to straighten out this country.

Mr. Truman was a man’s man that governed this country the way a great leader should. He was a very strong person that served in one of the most difficult times in American history and did what he had to do as president to bring America out of WW II, even if it meant dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima; something I am sure that he had a lot of sleepless night pondering.

When a person is a leader they have to make tough decisions that are for the betterment of their organization regardless of what the consequences are. This was one of Mr. Truman’s strongest characteristics.

It should not be a popularity contest.  A person can not be a great leader and be popular but he/she can be respected.

When the war ended using his hard-nosed and no non-sense approach, he brought back the USA to a prosperous and productive country.

Harry didn’t coin the phrase but he felt it was very fitting to use as the president. He had a sign on his desk that read “The buck stops here” meaning, he didn’t pass the buck pass the buck to anyone else but accepted personal responsibility for the way the country was governed.

This and many other significant matters are what separates Obama from Mr. Truman; taking responsibility for your their own actions.

I can not say nor can anyone else that if Romney is elected that he is going to do a better job than Obama but the facts still remains, Obama hasn’t done anything but blame everyone else for his lack of leadership.

I will have to give Romney the X in November. How much worse can we do?

Harry Truman joined the military as a Private and when he was discharged after 37 years of service he had attained the rank of Colonel. Quite and achievement.

How can any man be the Commander in Chief if they do not have any military experience?

Harry “wake up” we need you.

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