Another government debacle

Fox News

Conference expense list details millions spent by VA in latest federal waste scandal:

Can anyone blame these party animals for their financial indiscretions? Why should they have to worry about the consequence of their outlandish spending; all they ever get is a slap on the wrist or a hefty promotion.

The House Committee on Veterans Affairs released a list of expenditures from one of the conferences held in Orlando, Fla. The biggest expense of the $2.9 million event was participant travel, which cost $1.2 million. But the VA Department also spent $113,000 on staff travel, $863 on a “karaoke night” and $52,000 on the “Patton-style” video that surfaced earlier this week.

A follow-up conference cost an additional $2.4 million, though the committee didn’t release itemized expenses from that event.

With some of the deplorable conditions that have surfaced in the VA hospitals around the country through the years; I am sure that 5 mill could have been put to a lot better use. How about throwing a party for the veterans that are laying in some of those hospital beds.

Why is even necessary for any governmental organization to have conventions? The convention scenario started years back when electronic communications were not invented yet. When it took a gathering of people to get the message across. Now with the click of a mouse any information that would be necessary to conduct business could be sent to each employee is seconds and better yet they could read it when they were sober.

Cut out all the conventions. They are just a waste of taxpayers’ money. I really wonder if anyone in our government is ever going to wake up out of that stupor they are in? Don’t bet on it.

As long as the fox can sneak into the chicken coop and steal the chickens without getting shot, why should the fox worry?

Times have changed and the USA better start marching to the beat of the monetary drum. This morning the governments reach a milestone and one not to be proud of. We now  16 trillions in debt.

Does anyone in the District of Columbia care? It is not even a state but a federal district and the blow more money than all the states combined on foolishness.

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