A smashing good time


Roger Pion, Angry Over Criminal Charges, Crushes Squad Cars With Tractor:

Never mess with a pissed off farmer that was arrested for resisting arrest, marijuana possession and a few other miscellaneous charges when he owns a Giant Sized farm tractor.

After Roger “Ram Jet” was released from jail on what he thought were trumped up charges, he went directly to his barn and fired up “Big Luke” (AKA the crusher) his tractor and made a return trip to the slams to show the cops his gratitude for them arresting him.

Being that there was no on out in the parking lot when he got there he figured he would leave his calling card anyway.

Rog proceeded to run over and smash 5 cop cars to smithereens. It is hard to believe that the cops inside the station didn’t hear any noise. When one of them went out to go on a call he saw the demolished cruisers.

Roger may have gotten away with his caper if it was not for the fact that he was seen driving down the highway with one of the cops fenders and a bumper hanging from the back of his rig.

This old pissed off farmer is going to have to harvest a lot of corn to pay the $ 250,000.00 damage he inflicted on the local polizia’s squad cars. Not to mention the time in jail he will certainly get from the judge.

Supposedly; the judge owns the car dealership where the city bought the cars so he may let Roger off with a lighter sentence because he is making a buck on the re-buy.

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