Honor killing??????

British court convicts parents in ‘honor’ murder:

London (CNN) — The parents of a 17-year-old girl will spend at least 25 years in a British prison for the death of their daughter after the couple’s conviction Friday for killing her over her desire to live a Westernized lifestyle and become an attorney, a court spokeswoman said Friday.

These people are an example of some of the fanatics that we are going to war over. They are deranged people with no regard for human life; even when it comes to their own kids.

They have been brainwashed over the year with their fanatical religious beliefs and nothing is going to change them.

In 2003 and this beautiful girl disappeared after she told her family of her wishes to westernize and become an attorney. When her remains were found in 2004 the facts of the case were brought to light that what she received from her parents as a reward for her  ambitious decision to better herself was to be brutally killed and then chopped into pieces and her remains disposed of like throwing out the garbage.

I can not even imagine the terror in that young lady as her family executed their honor killing.

I don’t know if there can be a more horrific perpetrated on a child by a parent than this. This is a situation where old style laws should be put into effect; “an eye for an eye”.

These two reprobate parents called it an honor crime. If this is what honor is like in their society I think that the entire culture be reeducated.

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