Dirty Harry backs Romney

The Italian gunslinger goes against the La La set:

Years back when a young and talented guy named Clint Eastwood tried to make his move onto the Hollywood set and got two thumbs down from all the people that did not recognize his talent; the tall dark and handsome man went to the land of lovers, scholars, artist, cooks, singers, musicians and the worlds most talented people.  I left out the Mafia. Sorry about that boys.

The movie producers in Italy saw the raw talent this guy had and started to make Spaghetti Westerns with the diamond in the rough.

I am sure the Eastwood had some “big ones” when he arrived onto the “Boot” but they got even bigger as he collaborated with all of the worlds most gifted people.

This type of development in Clint’s career were the building blocks for what the man is today; one solid citizen. He loves the USA and wants to do what is best for the country.

Against all odds and what is normal in La La Land, that is if anything is normal there, Clint decided to go against the grain and support the person that he thinks is most qualified to sit in the oval office.

When asked by reporters why he’s supporting the former Massachusetts Governor, Eastwood said, “Because I think the country needs a boost somewhere.” He always was a man of few words.

Now this is the kind of person we should look to and admire for his strong character. He just “Made my day”.

Clint carries a lot of weight in La La Land but I am sure that his decision to back Romney is not a popular one among the Hollywood heavies but which one of them have the goolunies to confront him?

We all know that the vast majority of the “beautiful people” in LA are like sheep in a herd; they only go where the leader goes because its popular, they think it is politically correct, they want to be with the “in crowd”, they don’t have a mind of their own and if they go the other way they will be outcasts and not invited to the next free for all at someones mansion.

Eastwood is a mans man and always has been. It is a good thing he has the status that he does. I would tend to believe that if he was just an up and coming actor he would be standing in a soup-line on Hollywood and Vine after this move. The “in people” in La La Land don’t take kindly to rebels or people that go against their establishment.

Good for you Ex-Mayor Clint. Maybe if some of those wanna bees and lost sheep out there finally wake up and quit being so obsequious so there are not ostracized by the rest of the phonies, there can be  some much needed changes in this country this November.

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