Another slap on the wrist

Fox News

Republicans to issue report blaming five ATF employees for Fast and Furious’ debacle:

The report was issued that five ATF employees are to blame for the calamity; “marred by missteps, poor judgments and inherently reckless strategy” in the Fast and Furious fiasco. All five have since been reassigned but remain employed at the agency.

That is right, no accountability again. The five  ATF people were admonished/chewed out and were reassigned somewhere else in the agency. Usually in a governmental environment when someone is found to be negligent in the performance of their position, they are relocated to another position in the government to see if they can screw up that department as well. The cops have the “blue code” the politicians have the “suit code”.

Republicans have been leading an investigation into Fast and Furious since late 2009 and ran across stiff opposition from attorney general Holder because of his refusal to co-operation. The investigation targeted nearly 2,000 weapons that the ATF sold to Mexican drug lords with the intention of “getting to the king pin”, which eventually backfired on them resulting in one American agent Brian Terry getting killed .

I wonder if they ordered the Sherman Tanks yet that they are sending south of the boarder?

For three years Holder refused to give congress any of the information they asked for. He thumbed his nose at congress and was held in contempt. His boss Obama went to bat for Holder claiming executive privilege and Holder walked away clean. He has to be covering up for someone or something. Just another example of no accountability.

I am sure that Brian Terry’s family was thrilled with this outcome. Their son got killed because of the blunder of the ATF and the penalty for the offenders was getting transferred to another department. No doubt that they all will be promoted very shortly.

This is just one of thousands of examples why the American public has a very severe disdain for the leaders of our country. 75% disapproval rating is a big number. I hope all of the voters keep this in mind when November comes around.

I wonder if Brain was the son of one the of congressmen if this outcome would have been any different???

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