Billy, I didn’t mean what I said about Hillary

Dems Turn to Clinton to Sell 2012: Obama Takes a Risk on Bubba for Bailout With Blue Collar Voters

Talk about the hypocrisy of politics!! It gets pretty down and dirty when Obama is going to one of his arch enemies looking for support. There is no secret that the two men don’t like one another.

Obama isn’t leaving a stone unturned. He will crawl under any rock he can to get votes but he is not alone. This style of behavior is inherent to most politicians. The majority of them would push their mother in front of a bus for a vote.


At their clandestine meeting the micro-phone was left on and this following conversation was overheard between the Ex- prez and the current one.

I know you hate me dude but you gotta help me out. I had to say those things about Hillary. She was really making me look bad. Thank goodness I had Oprah for support. If it wasn’t for Oprah, Bush and Cheney I would have never slid into the White House. As it turned out I had to dump Oprah; the little lady was getting tight jaws, she thought that that billionaire was going to take her thunder away.

You bad rapped me, my wife and even my dog, now you are asking me for help. You got a big set of goolunies lad.

It’s for the party dude; only for the party. We wanna make sure that Romney doesn’t get in. If in he does that means that Hillary will be out of a job and you gonna have to support her again.

Well you have a point there. I like all of this freedom I’ve had for the last few years while you keep her busy running around the world getting down on all of these countries that own 75% of the USA. It gives me a lot more time to concentrate on what I like doing best. You know what I mean. (Clinton winked at Obama)

I’ll tell you what Bill; if you cut me some slack in this election I will give you my little black book I saved from when I was in college. I know a man of you caliber can surly put it to good use.

Now you are talking my language. Throw in six more rides on Air Force One and you got a deal; but you gotta take that goofy looking symbol off of the tail section, it is pretty un-American don’t you think?

Man, now you want my blood too. If that is what it takes you got a deal. I swear to it and you know politicians never bull-shit.

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