An insult to real women

The Blaze Magazine / Progressive Tracker:

I just read an article today in The Blaze written by Elizabeth Wurtzel; some pent up excuse for a women and an insult to motherhood.

Lizzie claims that any women that are a stay at home moms are, not in so many words “worthless”. Quoting the old broad “being a stay at home mom isn’t a real job”. Making matters worse, really showing her stupidly she states that “the next time some idiot tells me she is a stay at home raising her kids is a full time job, I am going to slap her in the face”. If you deal Lizzie you better be able to shuffle. There are some tough ladies out there.

Lady loud mouth should stop and look around at some of kids that are unsupervised and how they are being raised in the USA these days. In many cases it is not a pleasant sight. If they had a GOOD stay at home mother there to look after them I am sure that conditions would be a lot different.

The foundation of this country, when it was at its peak of success was developed in part because we had stay at home moms to keep an eye on troops.

This country and its standards went to hell when women went to work when their kids were in their formative years. I understand that some women had to work and do not have a problem with that; it is the ones that wanted to keep up with the Jones that made the mistake.

Women were “always” equal if not superior to their male counterparts and kept the reins tight on the home front when their husbands were out making a living for his family.

Forbes Magazine:

Think you can’t put a price on motherhood? According to a new survey by, a division of human resources consultant Kenexa, moms should be charging $115,000 per year for their work.

In most instances, the lady of the house had a more of an important role in her kids’ development than the old man did.

In conclusion Lizzie Borden; quit sharpening your axe and your tongue and give the ladies credit for sacrificing their carriers to make sure their kids grow up to be solid citizens. That is called unselfish love.

If you do have any offspring I would be very interested in see what type of citizens they have become. I hope not like you!!

Thanks for the magazine Mike; it is very informative.


WOW – no wonder

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