Obama talks of …

Obama talks of limiting some gun use in wake of Colorado massacre:

This is probably the first thing Obama said that we agree on and that makes sense.

 I have said this for years “no one except the military needs semi and automatic weapons”.

 The Second Amendment gives the citizens of the USA the right to bear arms for self protection. At the time this amendment was written they were still using single-shot muskets. Just like so many other amendments it is outdate and does not fit into todays society. 

 If all the AK-47’s and weapons were taken off the street that would lessen the possibility of future massacres like the one we just experienced at the movie theater.  

 The problem I see is; not the law abiding citizens giving their weapons up but the criminals and mentally unstable people turning theirs in. It will never happen.

 If a law was enacted today that stopped the sales or possesion of these types of weapons, it would probably take a generation to pass  before any results were seen. That still does not solve the problem with the illegal sales of the weapons.

 Tougher laws and stiffer penalties for anyone caught owning these arms  is the answer but it going to be take many years to get them all off the streets if it is even possible.

 It may even become necessary to have the death penalty attached to the law? One thing for sure; something has to be done to prevent these types of incidents. As I have said many times; when a crime like this or some other horrendous situation happens there are 1000 other nut cases out there that are going to top it.

 Make a very strict law ASAP, enforce it to the max and maybe in 2222 the USA may be a little safer place to live but I doubt it.


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