Ram it Rahm

Fox News

It seems to me that some of these liberal politicians are trying to take over the country by means of force-feeding all of its citizens and it is not chicken

Where the does Rhammie E-Man-u-all get the gall to take sides in the religious beliefs of one of the citizens of Chicago? There is something wrong with that picture!

The arrogant mayor of Chicago said he will back a plan that would prohibit Chick-fil-A from opening a restaurant because the company’s does not agree with his majesty on the gay marriage issue. To me that sounds more like communism than it does a democracy.

“Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared in a statement to Fox News. “They disrespect our fellow neighbors, residents and family members.”

It is perfectly OK for the mayor to have his own personal feelings but they should not interfere with his position as mayor.

Mr. Mayor is not supposed to get himself involved in religious debates. His elected purpose is to run the government of Chicago not to step out of bounds and take religious sides.

Although I would not expect any different for one of Obama’s henchmen. If someone didn’t know better; they may think that there is a conspiracy going on the the good old US of A the way some of our esteem politicians are throwing their weight around.

I personally think that Rahmmie and a few other high ranking politicians had his exit from the White House Corps to the Mayor of the Windy City planed many years ago.
The American people should not let this pint sized puppet get away with this unheard of illegal move of his. Someone should ram Rahmmie back to where he came from

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