Teflon Eric


No criminal prosecution of Holder for contempt:

Washington (CNN) — The White House and the Justice Department made clear Friday what had been expected all along: Attorney General Eric Holder will not face criminal prosecution under the contempt of Congress citation passed by the U.S. House.

Exactly how much in time and money did this joke cost or government?  There is one malfunction after another in DC.

I must be in the wrong business. Yesterday I said that Holder will probably slide through this entire fiasco without even a flesh wound. I should start telling fortunes.

So for last 18 months the congress has played peek a boo with this guy; threatened him to no end and the outcome was; after Holder is held in contempt he walks away laughing at everyone.

Holder knew that there would be no repercussions for his actions or lack of because a little Obama Bird told him so. I would still like to know what constitutes executive privilege? I guess whatever the prez wants it to be. I thought the Kennedy Boys were blatant.

If this lack of disciplinary action doesn’t inflate this guy’s ego even bigger than it already has, if that is possible, I don’t know what will.

This entire performance is a sin on Obama, a sin on Holder and a bigger sin on congress for wasting 18 months on an issue they knew they could not win in the end.

I wonder if it were Holder’s kid that got killed by those illegal Fast and Furious guns if he would want some answers?

I always said, “the worst part of a click is if you’re not in it”. Holder is sure in one.

The USA’s citizens better take a good look at what type of pattern has developed here in good old DC and put their X in the right box in November. I always understood that a country’s leader that did exactly what they want and was above the law was called a dictator.

Back to business as usual congress. Go look for some baseball strikes or something easy for you to stick your nose into. That may even be too difficult.


“What do you guys want from me, I am in the click”.

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