Let’s respect our ladies in uniform

Fox News

Air Force investigates alleged sexual assault of 31 women during training at Texas base:

Air Force Gen. Edward Rice confirmed during a Pentagon briefing that 31 women have alleged that they were sexually assaulted by their Air Force instructors at Lackland Air Base in Texas. The abuse reportedly took place over a two-year period beginning in 2009.

Someone has to pull the zippers up on these horny DI’s. These ladies services to our military is as vital as their male counterparts. They deserve to be protected.

It has been a long standing practice ever since women were allowed to join the military that there has been a lot of sexual misconduct especially in boot camp when these ladies are most venerable.

These good old boys are lucky it is not the year 1925 when it was the death penalty for rape in 18 states.

As available as sex is today; what the hell are these over-sexed hogs doing forcing themselves on these ladies? All it amounts to is just a matter of power, control and sick perversions.

They better start spending a lot more time in the shower by themselves.

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