Mia Love

Washington Post

Could Utah’s Mia Love make history?

SALT LAKE CITY — Other than her conservatism, there is little about Mia Love that doesn’t stand out in Utah. She is a Republican, a 36 year old mother of three, a fitness instructor and mayor of Saratoga Springs.

There are a few differences about Mia Love that people will notice beside her name. She is black, a republican and a Mormon. The last two are not very common.

Since Mia has served as the Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah she has raised the bond rating of the city to AA+ and reduced the cities debt from 3.5 million dollars to 750,000.00 and working hard to get totally in the black. This hard working lady knows her business.

She is running for a congressional seat in Utah in 2012 hoping to defeat the six time incumbent James Matheson.

Mia could be a big help in November to Mitt Romney; as long as the politics are kept out of politics.

I really believe that most people in this country are not prodigious; it is the rebel rouses and some news media that are always stirring up the pot that get people enraged. If it were the case people like Mia Love and Obama would have never been elected.

The color of a person’s skin is not what matters in this life; it is the color of their soul that does.

Mia should be an example for all the ladies out there that want to move ahead. The only thing stopping them is themselves.

Good luck Mia Love

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