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Don’t just talk about it

Washington Post Panetta to Pakistan: Don’t ‘Gouge’ Us: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Sunday that the United States is not about to “get gouged” by Pakistan — which despite having received billions in U.S. aid is demanding $5,000 for every … Continue reading

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Pater noster

New York Times Vatican confirms pope’s butler arrested in leaks scandal: Who can be trusted these days? In some of the old times mystery movies it was always the butler that “did it”. Now the Catholic Church has a another … Continue reading

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Fool me once

  Fox News Kansas Governor signs measure blocking Islamic law: Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a law aimed at keeping the state’s courts or government agencies from basing decisions on Islamic or other foreign legal codes, and a national … Continue reading

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When you cry you cry alone

Washington Post Angela Madsen finds a second wind: In 1995, a physician at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Long Beach, Calif., told Angela Madsen her “physical condition is a waste of human life.” The former Marine who had suffered a … Continue reading

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We hate your but we’ll take it

Washington Post US cuts Pakistan’s aid in protest at jailing doctor who helped find Bin Laden: A US senate committee has voted to cut Pakistan’s aid by $1m for each of the 33 years of a prison sentence given to … Continue reading

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Here is your bonus for stealing from the government

Washington Post GSA official at heart of conference scandal leaves agency: It is about time there is some stern action taken against one of the “playboys” that are blowing the tax payers hard earned money. I wonder how many other … Continue reading

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We are above the law

Philadelphia priest: Not archdiocese’s policy to tell police about abuse reports: Philadelphia (CNN) — A priest who assisted Monsignor William Lynn investigate clergy sex abuse claims testified Tuesday that it was not the archdiocese’s policy to contact law enforcement or … Continue reading

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I like Tide better

It sounds like something a father from Cleveland, Ohio would do. This washing  wizard put his young son into a washing machine at Walmart,  then closed the door and turned it on. What the hell did he think was … Continue reading

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Why not – you got us covered

Washington Post NATO leaders endorse Obama’s Afghanistan exit plan: Why shouldn’t they endorse what Obama is proposing? The vast majority of NATO’s members had little to no involvement in any of the wars that the USA has been involved for … Continue reading

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Not so modern Wild West

Fox News 8 hurt in Oklahoma City shooting after NBA playoff “Hey Henry, what you doin after the game tonight” “I really don’t know Butch, I thought we might go out and shoot some girls; we ain’t done that in … Continue reading

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