Hannibal Lector in color

Washington Post

Face-chewing victim will need months of treatment, long recovery:

MIAMI – A homeless man whose face was mostly chewed off in a bizarre, vicious attack faces a bigger threat from infection than from the injuries themselves, according to experts on facial reconstruction. He will require months of treatment to rebuild his features and be permanently disfigured.

This “chewer” is the guy on the left; Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lector in living color.

What possible reason could Rudy Eugene “the cannibal” have for his grotesque actions except the fact the he is off his rocker.

Besides having half of his face eaten off Ronald Poppo had his left eye gouged out by his assailant.

At this point no one knows what motivated Rudy Eugene to attack Poppo in the manner he did; especially odd was that both men were nude when the assault took place.

Witnesses stated while Eugene was ripping at the face of Poppo he was growling like a dog. I hope for Poppo’s sake that his attacker had his rabies shot.

When the police arrived on the scene they yelled to Eugene to stand down but the wild dog totally ignored their commands. Consequently the police were forced to shoot and kill the attacker; which is probably a good thing. We certainly do not need some deranged person like this cannibal roaming the streets.

The recovery period for Poppo is going to be a long one with ever present danger of infections.

This is just one more sad and bizarre story in the life of some of our homeless and mentally ill people.

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