You be the judge of this dummy judge

Fox News

Texas honor student jailed for truancy likely spent night with ‘hard-core’ criminals:

A 17-year-old Houston honor student jailed 24 hours for missing too much school likely spent the night surrounded by “every type of criminal that exists,” one Houston defense attorney said.

Diane Tran is a stand up young lady that has taken on the tremendous responsibility of supporting her brother and sister since her parents divorced; then her less than dutiful mother walked out on the kids. I wonder where the deadbeat dad is?

Miss Tran works as a wedding planner and in dry cleaners in order to try and support her siblings. In doing so she missed more than 10 days of school but still maintains her grade level to be an honor student.

This nit-wit judge Moriarty fined the young lady $100.00 and put her in the slams for 24 hours. On top of that, his-dishonorable Moriarty told KHOU 11 News that he intended to make an example of Tran by placing her in jail.

That is how smart this villain with the black cape is. Diane should be an example for her peers in the sense that she has taken on a big responsibility raising her brother and sister. How many other kids that age would step up to the plate?

I wonder if his dis-honor ever stopped to consider what would happen to the kids if Diane didn’t take care of them. Because Judge “Mortuary“ lives in Houston he should send out a posse to look for the missing mother and the deadbeat old man and make an example out of them.

Your dis-honorable-ness; did anyone ever tell you that a little common sense and compassion is a big part of your job?

Give this young lady a little credit instead of becoming what is the end result of when a horse and donkey breed. You should know that answer being that you are from the Lone Star State.

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