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Washington Post

Weather Service director retires after critical investigation of agency:

When you read these headlines you would wonder if we can even trust the weather man.

Just as in quite a few circumstances the news media likes to sensationalize their headlines.

John L “Jack” Hayes resigned his post as the main weather guy from the National Weather Service Friday.

One would think that Jack was tapping the till and misappropriating funds for his personal use. That is not the case.

The investigation found that no funds were used on inappropriate items; they were simply used in different categories than originally budgeted. The investigation found no evidence of corruption or personal financial gain in these actions. We do not believe any money was moved out of the National Weather Service.

Now does this really constitute giving Mr. Hayes a half of a black eye? All he did was to use the money Uncle Sam gave the weather service in a specific area without informing the government. Just more red tape to slow the processes of running a business efficiently.

How Many Federal Regulations are There?

According to the Office of the Federal Register, in 1998, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), the official listing of all regulations in effect, contained a total of 134,723 pages in 201 volumes that claimed 19 feet of shelf space. In 1970, the CFR totaled only 54,834 pages.

The General Accountability Office (GAO) reports that in the four fiscal years from 1996 to 1999, a total of 15,286 new federal regulations went into effect. Of these, 222 were classified as “major” rules, each one having an annual effect on the economy of at least $100 million. This was 14 years ago. I can just imagine how many more stumbling blocks were put on businesses since than.

Slack off Uncle Sam and work with the people instead of against them.

At the present rate of initiating and imposing outrageous, useless regulations and guidelines our country is going to regulate owners and companies right out of business and out of the country.  If you didn’t notice Uncle Sam; it is happening right now and has been for years.

Does anyone in government ever wonder why companies are relocating overseas? Start taking the red out of the tape. It is very difficult for a person to swim when their hands are tied behind their back.

I really believe that the government thinks, in their own small way of using logic, the more regulations they impose on companies and business the better off the country will be. That is dead wrong and it works in the opposite. I am not saying to give the store away I am say to work with the people instead of against them.

Government is supposed to make it easier for a person or a company to operate, not make it more difficult. That is just what they did with the main weather guy.

It is too bad that Mr. Hayes found it necessary to give up his position. He did a stellar job while at his post by implementing new procedures that brought the National Weather Service into a very credible organization. He did have to use any red tape either.

Today there is a 50% chance it is going to rain today and a 50% chance it is not. That is the job I want.

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