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Put your robe on male Godiva.

Detroit judge disrobes, texts photo to his bailiff: I beg your pardon your honor,  you have no honor. This gavel banging judge has probably sent many people to jail for slightly more than he has done. It so happens that … Continue reading

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More champagne – I am not paying

GSA deputy pleaded guilty to embezzlement months before Vegas bash: It never ceases to amaze me. When one scandal surfaces, 10 more pop up.  There seems to be no end of the corruption in government at all levels. These news … Continue reading

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Discipline personified

Now these are some disciplined people: Take a good look at these female soldiers on youtube and you will have a better understanding of why China is as successful as it is. What they do in their daily routines … Continue reading

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What’s a billion or so

Obama posts big cash advantage over Romney: Is this what an election is supposed to be all about; who can out spend their opponent and buy their way into office? If so it is a sad commentary for our country. … Continue reading

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Birds of a feather

It’s all about emotion in French presidential race: PARIS – Like Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy swept to power on a wave of hope for change. Sarkozy’s wave crashed on the global financial crisis and his own failings. On Sunday, the … Continue reading

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Panetta gets a pass

Is Leon Panetta Worth The Price? My first impression was; no one would ever know that the USA is in the financial crisis it is in based on how it’s officials some tax payers money. Taxpayers shell out an average … Continue reading

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Please spit in my face, I love it!

US provides aid to Egypt amid political unrest: Please spit in my face, I love it! This morning I emptied my refrigerator, went next downtown and gave all of my food away. Yesterday I took all the money I had … Continue reading

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Get your prices in line ladies

3 Gone in Secret Service Scandal: In my opinion I don’t think that the Secret Servicemen broke any laws by going out and looking for some trim; that is unless they were on duty and were not supposed to leave … Continue reading

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One of the good guys

There is a new book on the market. Keeping the Republic: Saving America by Trusting Americans: by Indiana’s Governor Mitch Daniels Yesterday Governor Daniels gave his check mark to support Romney for president. With an endorsement like Daniels we can … Continue reading

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Pass the eye ball

Brazilian police arrest 3 on suspicion of murder, cannibalism: Don’t eat the meat pies in Garanhuns, Brazil even if they look good; you may be eating someone’s neighbor. 51-year-old Jorge Beltrao Negroponte, his wife, Cristina da Silveira, and his mistress, … Continue reading

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