You scratch my back and I will scratch yours

Obama appoints top campaign bundler to Netherlands ambassador post:

According to the Obama campaign, Broas has helped raise more than $500,000 for the 2012 reelection effort. By law, Tim Broas cannot contribute all that money himself — so he, like other so-called “bundlers,” serves as a fundraising point person and collects money from others to donate to the campaign.

There is more than one way to skin a cat or should we say bend the rules?

I am sure that  most of readers understand that these very wealthy people that donate, contribute or give money to ALL politicians have to recover their gift in one form or another.

Their kids get put on the government payroll for the summer pulling weed on the White House lawn, their worthless brother gets a job sweeping the floor in the Pentagon, their cousin with one arm get s a job as a life guard at a government pool or the donor gets an Ambassador’s post somewhere as a payback for the gift even if it is a back door deal.

Depending on the size of the donation; that will govern the magnitude of the pay back.

This practice is not reserved for just the higher ups like the president. It goes from the councilmen in cities, mayor, governors and all the way up the ladder.

The only real thing that disturbs me is that they do it so openly and thinks that these favors pay backs go un-noticed. It wouldn’t be too bad if the recipient of the favor was qualified for the position but the majority of the time they are not.

Broas is a lawyer with the Washington, D.C., firm Winston & Strawn, representing high-profile clients like UBS Securities and Papa John’s International. This small revelation puts it in prospective.

According to the information I found the Ambassador make $ 174,000.00 a year beside all their perks.  Not a bad pay check for a figure head.

I always said “the worst part about a click is if you are not in it”!

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