Ok kids; time for your nap

New Secret Service watch-dog rules include a chaperone:

Are you kidding me? Is that the best solution our GOVERNMENT can come up with to keep some horny agents out of trouble?

Who is going to watch the chaperons? Are we going to have to send more chaperons to watch the first set of chaperons?

Come on; these guys are big boys. Set the rules for them and if they can’t conform get rid of them.

It sounds like they are in kindergarten and out for recess needing someone to make sure they are not breaking windows at school.

Whoever was the genius that came up with this hair-brain idea needs a chaperone to watch them some they don’t jump out of a window at the capitol building.

Let’s go people; you don’t make them big bucks for nothing. Get a little more creative like treating these Secret Service guys like they are adults. I am sure if they can be provided with a guide book of rules and regulations they should be able to intrepid it or do we have to hire more chaperons to read it to them.


The guy in the front with the orange shorts on is the chaperone. His chaperone is coming in on another plane, they didn’t have room for him the the playpen.

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