The boy next door

John Edwards Judge Won’t Block Sex Tape Testimony:

(GREENSBORO, N.C.) — The judge in the John Edwards trial Friday rejected a bid by Edwards’ former mistress to sharply restrict what the court and the public can hear about a sex tape the couple made together.

The tape shows Rielle Hunter, who later gave birth to Edwards’ child, and it shows enough of Edwards to be able to identify him.

I wonder what they mean by enough, enough of what? Will Johnny Boy have to strip during the trail for identification?

It was found out that the boy next door, maybe, could have been the President of the USA, had a few more skeleton in his attic than it first appeared.

Here is a guy that for all intents and purposes had the world by the ass and could have been one of the most powerful and respected people in the country.

What brought him down to his knees and even lower is the universal weakness of a lot of men and in recent years is spilling over to the opposite; infidelity.

It has probably crossed most men’s minds from time to time to tip toe through the tulips; some resist and other cross the invisible line.

Some have a one night stand and other drag it out behind sun glasses and high collars for years.

Most of the time it is just an ego thing and the fallen solider feels like hell when the dirty deed was done. That is the end of it.

Then you have the extremists that go the whole route with divorce and the whole 9 yards.

Edwards does not fit into any of these categories; he has a special place in Webster’s. This word was developed specifically for Edwards. It is called, I cheated on my wife when she had cancer, had a kid with the lady I was cheating with, spent a lot money on her to try and cover my stupidity, had one of my aides try take the rap for me, could have been maybe president and last but not least; I photographed a lot of my pipe laying sessions for “posterity-ism”.

I have always tried to figure out something. Who and the hell are these porno freaks going to show these videos to, their kids when the get old enough?

There is dumb, stupid, foolish, ludicrous, ridiculous, absurd, unintelligent and then brainless. I Edwards case I think he fits all categories.

Throughout history the sexual indiscretions have brought down some very powerful men, empires and even kingdoms. When these owerful men are on top of the world their adrenalin is flowing fast and furious to the point they begin to think they are invincible.

Boys, wake up. Years ago these indiscretion could be hidden but with the news media, inter-net, cameras, recorded banking records and other surveillance devices it is almost impossible to get away with sneaking through the back door. In most cases the best “lovin” is at home.

If the urge is too great to resist, leave your camera at home.

Edwards will swing for this and it will cost him a fortune and a lot of shame. I really don’t believe that there is a jury that is gullible enough to believe the hypotheticals his high powered, high paid attorneys are coming up with.

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