Who wants to light the fuse?

Fox News: N. Korea: We have weapons capable of striking US

North Korea is armed with “powerful modern weapons” capable of defeating the United States, a top military chief in Pyongyang said Wednesday amid increased speculation abroad about the nation’s missile arsenal and nuclear ambitions.

When a horse and a donkey mate and produce offspring, what comes out, a mule. Or we can say “like father like son”.

Kim “the kid” Jong Un the Supreme leader of North Korea wants the world to believe that his country is a Super Power and it has the capability of shooting off a rocket that will travel almost 7,000 and hit the United States.

This kid is probably going to turn out more treacherous than his father was. Barely out of his teens he has something to prove to military leaders in his country; that he can fill the hwahye’s his father left behind. That is what is making him so dangerous.

Saving face in the Far Eastern countries is a big thing. When N. Korea was unsuccessful in their  rocket  launch that was very humiliating to the country.

“Look, the rocket is going to wrong way; we better run it just blew up”.

They can’t get a rocket to stay up for more than 2 minutes let alone travel across the ocean and strike the USA.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the scientists that were responsible for developing the dud rocket were all sent to the salt mines to do hard labor for the rest of their lives.

Maybe one of these days this young kid and his commie cronies will wake up and realize that their country-men are starving to death just so they can make a big splash on the world military scene as a pretend super power.

It is reported that 25% of all N. Korean funds or $ 9,000,000,000 a year goes to support the military. Do you have any idea how much rice and fish that can buy with that much Won?

I wonder what the hierarchy is eating at night when some of their people are eating out of garbage cans?

It’s the 21st Century boys; time to get in step with the rest of the world.

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